Monday, August 1, 2011

What really creates loyalty? Why customer lifecycle management matters? Do we really need mobile advertising? How crucial is behavioral segmentation? Find answers to these key questions below…

What Really Creates Customer Loyalty?
The Importance of ‘Value-In-Use’?
Phil Klaus from the Cranfield University School of Management discusses how ‘value-in-use’ can help build customer loyalty. Access this valuable information here.

Why customer lifecycle management matters.
In previous editions Phil Klaus of Cranfield University has established the importance of the customer experience. In this article he looks at how customer relationships evolve over time and suggests why you should care. Read more here.

Do we really need mobile advertising?
That is the question posed by Phil Klaus, resident expert on customer experience at Cranfield University School of Management. Read all about it here.

Cause and Effect.
Phil Klaus, a regular contributor, guides you through an holistic approach to market segmentation. He explains here why it is vital to understand why customers are driven to behave in a certain way and the crucial role segmentation plays in all marketing activities.

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