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EXQ: a multiple-item scale for assessing service experience - one of the most downloaded papers in 2012

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Celebrating the impact you made

As a Journal of Service Management (JOSM) author from the past four years, we’d like to thank you for contributing to the ongoing success of the journal. The latest Journal Citation Report release saw JOSM receive an Impact Factor of 1.218.

See below to discover if you were one of the authors who made the biggest impact.

Authors making an impact

The following papers received the highest number of citations which contributed to Journal of Service Management’s Impact Factor success.

Daniel Kindström and Christian Kowalkowski
Development of industrial service offerings: a process framework

Henning Droege, Dagmar Hildebrand and Miguel A. Heras Forcada
Innovation in services: present findings, and future pathways

Anna Fyrberg and Rein Jüriado
What about interaction?: Networks and brands as integrators within service-dominant logic

Stefan Michel, David Bowen and Robert Johnston
Why service recovery fails: Tensions among customer, employee, and process perspectives

Heiko Gebauer, Thomas Fischer and Elgar Fleisch
Exploring the interrelationship among patterns of service strategy changes and organizational design elements

The 2012 research your colleagues are reading

The following papers, published this year, are capturing the attention of you and your colleagues as evidenced by high download statistics.

Sejin Ha and Leslie Stoel
Online apparel retailing: roles of e-shopping quality and experiential e-shopping motives

Cheng Wang, Jennifer Harris and Paul G. Patterson
Customer choice of self-service technology: the roles of situational influences and past experience

Young Ha and Hyunjoo Im
Role of web site design quality in satisfaction and word of mouth generation

Philipp “Phil” Klaus and Stan Maklan EXQ: a multiple-item scale for assessing service experience

Heiko Gebauer, Guang-Jie Ren, Aku Valtakoski and Javier Reynoso
Service-driven manufacturing: Provision, evolution and financial impact of services in industrial firms
Image: Journal impact factor
Impact Factor: 1.218

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