Saturday, August 24, 2013

Interview with Relationwise Part II - why NPS doesn't work, or does it?

Hicham from Relationwise interviewed Dr Phil. Not only they do discuss some of the most significant challenges businesses are facing in customer experience, but they also look at some practical solutions that can have a very powerful impact.

Some highlights:

* Social Media - a serious tool or just a toy?

* Exploring the most profitable customer experience practices.

* Why NPS doesn't (and still does) work.

Peace of Mind as a Key Dimension for Measuring Customer Experience

VisionEdge Marketing published an interesting perspective on my research, highlighting that "(our) research offers a different view into how to define and measure customer experience. If you plan to create a measure of customer experience, consider how your organization is set up to deliver on these attributes and how you would measure each of these dimensions."

The entire article. worth the read, can be accessed HERE.