Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How marketing research will become relevant again (Interview with CTF)

Read my latest thoughts, discussing how academic research will become relevant to practice again by using Customer Experience (CX) here.

Introducing Strategic Social Intelligence (SSI)-how social media makes dollars and sense for your business

Read and download my latest paper, published at the International Journal of Market Research http://goo.gl/N6br7Z, highlighting the importance of Strategic Social Intelligence (SSI) for your business. 
  • Investigate the impact on company strategy of social media, including market research methods
  • Identify three typologies of strategy development
  • Introduces the concept of Strategic Social Intelligence and the implications for market research
Review: Prof. Phil Klaus (Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting) argues that most of the research to date on the theme of social media explores the issues from a consumer perspective. He addresses this gap through research conducted within the retail banking sector, exploring where social media fits into channel strategy and the implications for market research methodologies. He identifies three typologies of online strategy: Initiators, Reformers and Consolidators. Each typology is described and discussed in detail, including the implications for SM strategy. He also describes the market research strategies in retail banking, and introduces the concept of Strategic Social Intelligence (SSI) that Klaus believes will become an increasingly important source of knowledge about consumer behaviour, requiring new aims and skills to be implemented in the research programme. The big challenge will be imbedding social media information into strategy, rather than technology issues. Finally, the author recommends research into how companies have evolved into a particular type.

Download and read the article by clicking here