Saturday, September 13, 2014

Show Me the Money: How Organizations Generate Return from Technology-Led-Marketing Change

Read our latest European JM article: Show Me the Money: Improving our Understanding of How Organizations Generate Return from Technology-Led-Marketing Change HERE.

Marketing practice is increasingly shaped through the application of new technology, including customer relationship marketing (CRM) software, social media, analytics and search, with organizations investing heavily in these technologies. Yet, surprisingly, empirically grounded research continues to question the profitability of IT-led marketing initiatives. If this is true, why do companies continue to make such investments? To explore this question, contrasted marketing and IS scholarship on the impact of CRM investment on financial performance. We find that whilst both try to determine what generates return, the IS community has a broader epistemological framework that allows it to understand better how benefits are realized. By marrying the what and the why, we demonstrate how organizations can generate great returns from technology-led-marketing.