Monday, December 15, 2014

"Measuring Customer Experience: How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies" Bestseller on - Get your copy @

"Measuring Customer Experience: How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies" Bestseller on . Get your copy @

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'Phil knows what it takes to win. And that is exactly what Measuring Customer Experience provides to managers who want their companies to win through building strong relationships with customers.' -Timothy Keiningham, PhD, Global Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, Ipsos Loyalty; Bestselling Author of The Wallet Allocation Rule and Why Loyalty Matters 

'Dr Phil Klaus's investigation and findings on how to measure and improve Customer Experience addresses one of the most pressing issues for marketeers and businesses today. His erudite approach to the subject breaks new ground with the EXQ technique being one that will in due course filter down into the practice of advanced marketeers.' -Crispin Rogers, Director Targeted Marketing, Visa Europe  

'Move past individual customer service with this systematic 'next-practice' guide to thinking beyond the simple transaction, enhancing your total customer experience and increasing profitability.' -Ian Di Tullio, Director Loyalty Marketing , Air Canada  

'This book provides a useful roadmap, addressing the pressing questions managers face: Where are we currently in terms of managing and measuring customer experience? Where do we want to be? And most important, how do we get there?' -Katherine N. Lemon, PhD, Accenture Professor of Marketing, Chair, Marketing Department, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

'We know that customer loyalty is one of the most important drivers for the business performance, particularly at a professional service firm. However, we didn't know what exactly affected it. Through dedicated research, Phil clearly demonstrated the solution by presenting the conceptual model and measurement tool. This is an excellent book and I strongly recommend this to all the executives involved in measuring everything related to customers.' -Dr. Junichi Kato, Managing Director TMF Group Japan

How To Create The Most Profitable Luxury Customer Experience

My latest book chapter exploring the keys of how to execute the best LUXURY Customer Experience programs is now available at "After sales services: new demands" 

Key take aways from my LUXURY CX Research:

My study is the first to a) conceptualize and validate the CX continuum in the luxury sector, b) validate and quantify the crucial impact of after-sales services on luxury customers’ behavior, and c) exploring and validating the impact of corresponding actions on the profitability of luxury goods companies.

For those of you in the luxury goods and service sector, feel free contact me directly for an executive summary of the findings.