Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exploring and Defining the Online Customer Experience (OCSE) and its influence on consumer behavior

The concept of online customer service experience (OCSE) has recently received great interest from academia and businesses alike. Despite the belief that providing superb online experiences will influence customers’ online buying behavior, most of the research focuses solely on the controllable factors of the online experience. Based on empirical findings, my study develops an Online Customer Experience framework (OCSE). OCSE extends and expands existing research on the influence of the online customer service experience on customer behavior. In particular, the study identifies that the individual importance of the OCSE factors differ depending on which stage of the experience, namely prior to, during, or after the transaction the customer is in. Moreover, the study reveals the presence of one previously unexplored key component of the online customer service experience: social presence. 

This, of course, has significant implications for how to manage customers online in order to increase loyalty, purchasing behavior, positive recommendations and an increase in share-of-category/share of wallet. Implications on how companies can take advantage of this opportunities are knowledge are discussed in detail.

Read about all the implications in the free version of the article, which is now available for download HERE
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