Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus Selected As Keynote Speaker for the International Luxury Travel Market Asia 2015 in Shanghai

Today, CX is omnipresent and widely considered the luxury sector’s next competitive battleground. Managers, consultants, scholars, and even politicians agree that the CX age has finally arrived and we better be ready for it. CEOs worldwide concur that either they engage into the big unknown – how to (successfully) manage CXs – or they will lose their customers, and their competitiveness. Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus will present the results of 10 years of research from his best-selling book to demonstrate how you can develop and execute the most profitable CX strategies to survive and thrive in a CX-dominated economy. 

Read the interview with Prof. Dr. Klaus about the future of the Luxury CX HERE

ILTM Asia - June 1-4, 2015, Shanghai, China.

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